Signature VIP Day with Vanessa Horn, MBA



    You're in the right place.

    Tell me if this sounds like you:

    • You are a professional with a track record of success and have expertise on a specific subject and a message you want to share.
    • You are good at what you do and are driven with a deep desire to help more people with your work.
    • You know a multiple 6-figure or 7-figure income is within reach for you with the right support.
    • You want to know how you can put your business expansion on automation, so you can grow sales and free yourself up to do your genius work.

    A Signature VIP Day is focused on a high-end offering & marketing strategy done-for-you

    • A Signature VIP Day will serve you best if you are the kind of person who likes to move fast and likes the help of an expert helping you one-on-one and like the idea of having it DONE FOR YOU.
    • What our clients love best is that you get the support you need to map out every detail to create a high-end signature offer and effectively market and fill it.
    • We will package your expertise to create a high-end offering that attracts your ideal clients. 
    • We will position you in the premium space in the market with a highly distinguishable brand and message so you stand out in a crowded marketplace.
    • We will design an Elegant Marketing System that attracts your ideal clients, rather than you being in a position of trying to figure out where your next client is coming from.
    • We remove all the guesswork so you walk-away with the detailed blueprint you need to bring your SIGNATURE work into the world profitably and effectively.

    We help you create profitability by aligning business strategy with your unique signature.




    Los Angeles, CA (LAX airport code)

    Private Luxury Location in Beverly Hills 



    Greensboro, NC (GSO airport code)

    Proximity Hotel


    Raleigh-Durham, NC (RDU airport code)

    Umstead Hotel & Spa



    Destination locations available seasonally (inquire)


    "Your greatest profitability will come from creating in alignment

    with your soul's purpose. I'm here to help."


    ~Vanessa Horn


    9:00-5:00pm AGENDA



    Walk away with the design of a signature program that uniquely captures your intellectual property, delivers results for your clients, and sells for high-fees.

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    In this step, we ensure we are designing your signature program in such a way that it is reverse engineered from your business goals and builds upon what you've already created in your career or business.


    BLUEPRINT: Includes the formation of your Pique Interest statement so that you can answer the question "What do you do?" in a way that attracts your ideal clients eager to learn more about working with you or attracts perfect referrals.

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    In this step, we will outline your entire curriculum to ensure a program that delivers your best material and creates raving client results.


    BLUEPRINT: You will have your Signature Program perfectly designed using our 6-Figure Signature Program One Sheet.

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    In this step, we will position the pricing of your offer in such a way that it has clients eager to pay you high fees.

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    In this step, we will identify the most lucrative audience for your work & how to position your offering so you stand out and your program sells.


    BLUEPRINT: What makes your Signature Program unique is your story and unique process. We will determine the critical pieces of your story to include in your messaging so that your Signature Program stands out resonates perfectly with your ideal clients.

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    In this step, we will map out the most effective way to deliver and create your program materials, and how to create a VIP client experience that is extraordinary for both you and your clients. You will have everything you need to create and populate a membership site for your clients.


    BLUEPRINT: You will walk away with every module outlined to uniquely capture your Intellectual Property and Thought Leadership so it not only delivers results, but is highly desirable to your ideal clients.


    9:00-5:00pm AGENDA



    Walk away with all the key marketing assets you need to consistently create high-end clients from your signature program.

    (Please note: to qualify for a MARKETING DAY, your Signature Program or Offer into which you'd sell clients must already be complete.)

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    Components include magnetic marketing message, converting webinar content, marketing online assets, Facebook ads and sequences and tech requirements


    BLUEPRINT: A complete visual of an elegant marketing system designed beginning to end designed to attract your ideal clients for your high-end signature program. 

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    Positioning is EVERYTHING. We determine the unique parts of your story and intellectual property that we must bring to the forefront of your marketing to attract your ideal clients you'd love to work with.


    BLUEPRINT: Includes the formation of your Pique Interest statement so that you can answer the question "What do you do?" in a way that attracts your ideal clients eager to learn more about working with you or attracts perfect referrals.

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    We will map out your entire 6-Figure webinar that has been proven to create clients willing to invest in high-end programs.


    BLUEPRINT: Includes your entire slide deck content mapped out with our 6-Figure Webinar template. You will walk away with the title and content for every slide.

    You will also be have everything you need to complete my 6-Figure Email Sequence template so that you have all your emails written and ready to optimize attendance on your webinar.

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    I will help you write the exact copy that needs to be on your landing pages to make your ideal prospects eager to work with you.


    BLUEPRINT: Includes the title, subtitle, and compelling bullets written following our 6-Figure Landing Page template.

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    We will write several pieces of converting copy that will leverage the powerful platform of Facebook advertising.


    BLUEPRINT: Includes two versions of proven ad copy completely written to attract your ideal clients using our 6-Figure Facebook Ad template.


    9:00-5:00pm AGENDA

    Photography & Video to Create a Million Dollar Brand


    Walk away with a perfectly orchestrated brand of photography and video. Clients have created as much as 6-months worth of marketing content in a single day today, not to mention, beautiful images and messaging that uniquely reflects you and attracts your ideal clients.

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    We use my top fashion photographer to shoot a million dollar look for your business and brand. Create a brand look book in advance to nail your authentic look to resonate and attract your ideal clients. 



    We will shoot your most critical marketing pieces that we determine in advance. This can include a marketing piece, your ABOUT video, and as much as up to 6-months worth of content videos. 

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    Here is what our strategies have helped create:

    • Within 2 short years, in our company, we launched 3 Signature programs yielding an annual revenue of $500k (I teach you what worked for us.)
    • Jeff Carlisle, a speaker. followed my strategy and was able to create 45+ new clients in 90 days bringing in an additional 6-figures in 90 days and now helps people doing what he does best.
    • Angel Coleman, a business coach. immediately sold $13,000 once we crafted her high-end program and marketing message that showcased her unique story and experience.
    • Charity Bradshaw, a speaker, coach and author. created an additional $11,100 within 2 short months and is on her way to expanding her platform and changing lives.
    • Crystal Stranger, an author and consultant to Silicon Valley startups, immediately created a $60K client by launching a shadow CFO program.
    • Darshan Phillips, a designer/photographer, created a VIP service level he always dreamed of creating and now has clients pay him $120K to participate.


    "6-Figures within 90 Days!"

    "I knew that it was absolutely mission critical for me to have people that knew exactly what to do, exactly what to say, exactly how to do it, and essentially follow a step-by-step system to get me to where I wanted to go.


    Not only did I get a bigger picture of where this could go, and what the value of the high paying client, but a message that had been forming inside of me, probably since I was a child, that I have always had inside of me and always wanted to get out.


    Since then, what’s happened is really amazing. I went from a dead start in September, and literally in about three months, I created over 45 clients. The majority of those clients were at the $3,400 price range."


    ~ Jeff Carlisle, CEO MyNetworkingMentor

    "I now have a program, know my purpose & can easily explain what I do!"

    "I now have a program, know my purpose, can easily explain what I do, speak about the transformations I can provide and much more! For me, this is huge considering what I was doing before was just bringing non-targeted contacts periodically, and little to no communication. Vanessa is a genius with my branding, my message, and standing out. It is hard for me to connect and trust, but it was easy for me to do that with Vanessa. She can rephrase what you are trying to say in about 2 seconds before you can even blink and you are like 'What? How did you do that?'"


    ~ Carrie Brander, Post Bariatric Surgery Success Coach

    "I made $13,000 my first month!"

    "Before coming into Signature, I struggled with charging what I was worth, simplifying my training content and uniquely positioning myself in the market place.


    Since being in Signature, I feel most proud about my confidence in charging premium prices that I now sell with ease. I’ve simplified my program training to help my clients get the best results and my peak interest statement to attract ideal clients.


    And within a month of signing up I have landed 3 high-end clients totaling over $13,000 in sales using Vanessa's formula."

    ~Angel Coleman
    Founder & Creator of Profit With Style

    "Helped me get clear on my key message, key market and signature program."

    “If you are wondering what's stopping you from getting the clients you want, it's probably because you haven't really gotten clear on your key message and your key market, and you haven't developed your signature program yet. When you work with Vanessa Horn, she helps you with all of the above. She gets exactly into what you're trying to accomplish, what your key message is, and how to structure your online program for maximum success. I highly recommend Vanessa, for the amazing work she does. I couldn't be happier with the results she was able to help me achieve.”


    ~Ash Seddeek, #1 Sales Trainer for High-Tech Sales, Creator of Sales MVP: How to Become a Top 1% Earner in High-Tech Sales

    "I already have made $11,100!"

    "Before coming into Signature, I struggled with not knowing how to set up a successful online marketing platform for my program.

    Now that I have gone through Create, I am most proud about being well on my way to having all the pieces in place for it to generate limitless income. I am also proud of the fact that in two short months, I’ve taken what I’ve learned and have made $11,100 through my beta group and one-on-one clients."


    ~Charity Bradshaw
    Founder and Creator of LAUNCH, Author Edition

    "Our time together allowed me to step into my most authentic work and feel really confident."

    "For the first time in a long time, I felt heard and validated. It's nice to have someone help you draw out the desires of your heart. People need to step into their most authentic work, our time together allowed me to do that and feel really confident about what I'm creating and how to best market it!"


    ~ Molly Dalbec, Network Marketing Business Coach, Creator of the Network Marketing Redefined program

    "Launched my flagship program!"

    "I met my business coach Vanessa Horn at a conference in Los Angeles, and over lunch she shared insights with me about how to make passive income by scaling my business online. It was clear the woman knew what she was talking about. She walked the walk. I wanted her results… So I hired her. After all, if you really want to change the world, you need to scale. While working with Vanessa I launched my online job hunting program, which has helped thousands of job seekers all over the world land more job offers and increase their income."


    ~ Ashley Stahl, #1 Career Coach to Millennials, Creator of The Limitless Career Lab

    "I now have a detailed plan so I can serve others in the way I know I can."

    "Vanessa has an elegant style of presentation and engagement that has helped me to change my mindset from one of re-packaging content into one of creating my masterpiece. Vanessa also enabled so many brilliant men and women to share their work as a means of mutual inspiration for everyone participating in the group.


    I have come away re-energized with a detailed plan of the next steps I need to address in order to serve others in the way I know I can."

    ~ Steve Morgan, PositiveRiskTaking.com

    "Above and beyond anything I would have expected."

    "I always felt valued -- truly a VIP. From our very first strategy session, I immediately could tell you were warm and loving and the perfect coach for me! Your program goes above and beyond anything I would have expected."

    ~Sarah SIems

    "Vanessa helped me nail it!"

    "Other mentors fluffed around the concept but never truly helped me nail it like Vanessa did.


    Vanessa's program guaranteed that she'd work with me until I got it right and that gave me confidence and motivation."


    Suzanna Graczer, Blackbelt Business Systems

    "Vanessa helped me create & launch my High PROformance Academy!"

    "I am a lifelong entrepreneur and former 16-year professional football player and coach.


    Before coming into Signature, I struggled with clarity. I had so many ideas wrestling around in my head that it caused me to waste a ton of time, energy, and money.


    After my first coaching session with Vanessa and her team, they were able to find my "Level 10." Vanessa asked us all a question on one of her fabulous webinars that really hit home for me and subsequently helped me dial in on this journey. The question that was asked and that greatly impacted me was...


    "If this were the last year of your life, what would you do/what would you create?" Wow!


    And so High PROformanceTM Academy was born. I am here to serve. I have been told by many that I have gift - a gift to inspire, a gift to motivate, a gift to get the best out of people."


    ~Cecil Doggette,

    Founder & Creator of High PROformance Academy

    "Given me the strength to put myself out there & launch my program with confidence!" 

    "My name is Catherine Hyde and I help people to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle without the pain and without spending money on programs that don't work and are not sustainable long term.

    Before working with Vanessa I had so many ideas whirling round in my mind that I couldn't get clarity on what I wanted to achieve in my work and how I wanted to go about it.

    I worked with Vanessa in her Signature Series program. What can I say except wow wow wow. Vanessa is motivating, clear, driven and encouraging. She is so talented at drawing out how you can best serve the world with your message and how that message should be delivered. Vanessa has made me feel vulnerable in the most positive way and has given me the strength to put myself out there and launch my Signature Series with confidence.

    After working with Vanessa I feel empowered and I am fully on the path to success in my business and provide clients with the solution to their lifelong weight problems."


    ~ Catherine Hyde

    "Other programs stopped short. Vanessa truly delivers."

    "I have been in a number of coaching programs that promised results, but have always stopped short of hitting my goal of a lead generator that gets me clients in my high end program. The way that Vanessa Horn has designed the Mastermind to help us craft our marketing message, webinar, and high-end program is genius. She truly delivers as does her team, and I am thrilled that I invested in myself with the Signature Series Mastermind Program."

    Adele Michal,
    Founder & Creator of Selling Without Fear

    "I accomplished more than I had in the last 3 years trying to figure this out on my own."

    "Before joining Signature, I really felt lost and confused. I had gone to many trainings and still could not identify what my message was or what I wanted it to be. I had no direction and I definitely did not have a signature training program.


    But upon entering Series 1 CREATE Your Signature Program, all the worksheets, the checklists, the transcripts, and the individual coaching specifically helped me out. They talked to me about my personal situation and how I could figure out the areas that I was struggling in. They had group coaching but what I feel what I needed was a lot of the individual attention, which I did receive in this training program.


    So once this training program was complete, I had a message. I had a clear direction of who my ideal client was. We narrowed the client down to a specific niche. And I had the components of my training program, the modules laid out, the title of the program.


    I had accomplished more in this program than I did in the last three years trying to do this on my own, and trying to take other trainings that didn't offer the individual attention that this program did."


    ~Kristi Kotary,

    Founder & Creator of Endless Leads, Endless Possibilities


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    Vanessa Horn, MBA

    Inspiring & Empowering Entrepreneurs

    Vanessa Horn is the CEO of Vanessa Horn International, a global business and personal development company, and is a sought after speaker, business coach, and the author of the books "I'll Have What She's Having!"® and "Profit With Honor."


    Vanessa has an MBA specializing in Entrepreneurship & Leadership.


    Over the last 15 years, Vanessa has successfully managed being a mom of 3 boys, while also building and selling several businesses. She has worked with over 20,000 purpose-driven entrepreneurs to help them build businesses working from home.


    Her passion is helping you to tap into your unique message and helping you to create a high-end personal brand and presence that positions you to STAND OUT in your industry in such a way that your ideal clients pursue YOU.


    She’s been featured on national television for her work and she and her husband of 17 years and their sons currently live in North Carolina.

    To learn more about her coaching and training programs visit vanessahorn.com.

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to elevate leaders in business to key arenas of influence. By helping more purpose-driven entrepreneurs, like you, create wildly profitable and successful businesses, we know you will be able to expand the number of people you are able to serve and impact through your work.


    Our clients are typically driven by a deeper purpose to their work and are just missing someone like us to help them employ the strategies that will help them experience the growth that they know they are capable of experiencing.

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